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Judy Howsam is a Usui Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, Certified Emotional Success Coach and Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner living and practicing in Port Perry, Ontario.

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I can't say enough about my Reiki experience with Judy. I went to see Judy lacking focus and confidence. It felt as though I was experiencing a loss of self. I was also severely sleep deprived. My mind was fragmented to say the least.

After each of our sessions I could feel the energy shifting in my body. I started to sleep better, eat more and smile a whole lot more. I haven't felt this good in years. I feel as though I've found myself again. My outlook and spiritual understanding on life has changed in so many positive ways. Thanks again Judy!

-Natasha F

It is ENERGY which sustains the entire cosmos in existence; it is ENERGY which sustains every creature in existence and, positive  ENERGY which sustains the process of self-actualization, differentiation and communion with all of creation, the entire cosmos!

Our body's energy centres become blocked and drained and we are less able to deal with the challenges of life - performing our daily tasks and responsibilities, our interactions with others (human & non-human), and to sustain a healthy immune system with which we can maintain our health and fight off potential diseases. I was reminded by Judy that Reiki Therapy is centuries old and has been used by our ancestors for hundreds of years and that Reiki Therapy frees up energy blockages and enables the body to re-energize and to release the harmful toxins in our bodies.

My wife Tia and I have been recipients of Judy's gift of healing for the past 13 months and with great benefit. Judy has been able to effectively identify and deal with my various health issues over that period of time, more specifically with my severe arthritis in my shoulders and knees, and, on occasion when required, my asthma. Judy also made herself available to perform Reiki on our beloved Labrador Retriever, Woody, who was suffering from cancer and our dear cat Wally who for the past five years was dealing with diabetes. Both Woody and Wally welcomed the Reiki and benefited from Judy's healing. Unfortunately, we were compelled to have them euthanized; we wish that we had contacted Judy earlier.

Judy is a highly-gifted healer whose innate talents are continually being perfected, deepened and broadened by her determination to seek new knowledge and insights. I have recommended Judy to numerous other people and I will continue to do so.

Paul Woodcroft

Last July my husband gave me the best anniversary gift in our 39 years of our marriage – a gift certificate for four sessions with Judy Howsam, a Reiki Master.

Since then I have continued to go once a month. I feel more energetic, peaceful and calmer. My breathing and sinus pressure have improved greatly. After several sessions the intense pain in my left knee caused by a fall was gone.

I believe Reiki has had an extremely positive effect on my health and well-being. I always look forward to my wonderful hour of relaxation. I highly recommend Judy. She is a welcoming, knowledgeable, compassionate, spiritual, gentle and intuitive woman.

Thank you, Judy for sharing your amazing God given gift of healing.

-Tia W.

Thank you, thank you for the healing yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect but I went knowing and believing you are a true healer. I know it’s only been one day but I feel amazing! 

It was such a release of negative energy allowing positive energy to take its place. I am happy to report no stomach swelling today. I can't wait to experience more of this positive healing!!! You rock!

-Maureen Brown Griffin

I am extremely pleased with the results of my Reiki sessions with Judy!

Thanks to Judy and my Naturopathic doctor, I’ve gained weight and am feeling much better. My vertigo condition has shown significant improvement. I have much more energy.

For nearly ten years I visited many doctors and specialists in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Oshawa and Kingston. I weighed seventy pounds and had no energy. No one was able to help.

During the past two years my appointments with my Naturopathic doctor and Judy have enabled me to have a healthier life. I am now back to my regular weight.

Even my osteoporosis specialist at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto was very pleased and surprised with my progress. Several years ago she thought I might need much stronger medication, but not now!

I am always amazed when Judy focuses on an injury when there is no external sign of trouble. She discovered an injury to both my wrist and ankle.

Recently on a day I wasn’t feeling well, my sister asked me if I would prefer to go to the emergency department at the hospital rather than keep my Reiki appointment. I chose Reiki, which proved to be the right decision!

My Reiki sessions have made me more relaxed, healthier and happier. I would recommend Reiki to anyone who needs help. I believe Reiki enhances healing for body, mind and soul.

-Margaret D.

You are teaching me a new way to be and I am so grateful. 

-Rhoda D.

"It took me over a year to finally get around to making an appointment for a Reiki treatment with Judy. It just seemed that there were other "things" that needed doing first! When I started to experience chronic neck, wrist and hand pain, as well as daily anxiety then I knew it was time to pay attention and care for myself.

Judy's knowledge about blocked energies and her Reiki treatments helped me overcome some physical pain and discomfort associated with stress and suppressed emotions. The treatments left me relaxed and mindful of my body and mind. Judy's Reiki treatments are subtle but very therapeutic. The treatments left me rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. Everyone should experience the benefits of Reiki. Thank you Judy!"

- Dawn W.

"After a crazy year of getting only 1-2 hours of sleep each night, I was dealing with depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. Even though I retired from work and my daily stress was greatly alleviated, I still lay awake in bed, almost all night, every night for another year. I was like a walking zombie during the day.

Reiki has helped to lay the zombie to rest. After 4 Reiki sessions, I was sleeping better and longer - sometimes for 6 or 7 hours at a stretch. I wake up feeling normal again and look forward to each day. Now, when I awaken in the night, I am able to go back to sleep by focusing on the techniques I've learned from Judy.

Getting sleep has not only given me energy for the day's events, it has also given me a more positive outlook. I am less moody, I am happier, I am setting goals with the belief that I will achieve them. I have been able to travel, to enjoy evening performances, and enjoy visiting with friends.

I am more alert. I feel healthier. I can participate in activities and lively conversation. I am more active and less passive. I feel more calm and less anxious. I have been become less reliant on others and, therefore, regained more independence. My exercise routine has improved, and that has provided a number of other benefits. 

I am beginning to feel like my old self again and that makes me smile. Thank you Judy!"

- Carolyn Humphrey

"I am so glad that there are such generous and enlightened Reiki practitioners like Judy around who are willing to take it upon themselves to make available to as many people as possible the miracle of Reiki. I went to the Dr. regarding a lingering cold and chest congestion. The Dr. prescribed some very potent antibiotics. 

After reading all the possible side effects I stopped taking them, I felt there must be a better way. That's when I thought of Judy. After a few Reiki sessions my cold and congestion was gone and I felt much better. Thank you Judy, wishing you continued success.”

- Douglas Browning

"A few years ago, I began experiencing pain in my shoulder and could not raise my arm. I did several sessions with both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist, and saw no improvement with either. Visits to an osteopath were too expensive to use as a long-term treatment. I came to Judy, frustrated, and now currently have no problems with my shoulder at all. She's also been able to eliminate my vertigo, which used to be so bad that I could sometimes barely stand.

If you had suggested Reiki to me ten years ago, I would have scoffed - but sessions with Judy have convinced me. I now have regular treatments with Judy, and she keeps me healthy and mobile. I can't sing her praises enough!"

- Norma H

“During each of my Reiki sessions with Judy I always experience a wonderful feeling of well being and inner peace. I leave feeling centred and balanced with renewed vigour! I look forward to returning to Judy each month for a ‘tune-up’!”

- Jill B

“Like most people these days I lead a very busy life with long days spent juggling job and family responsibilities. Normally I manage this fairly well but was finding myself struggling to keep up my usual pace.

When Judy suggested doing a Distant Reiki Sending to increase my energy level I was skeptical but intrigued. We spoke on the phone and set up a time that I would find a quiet spot to lay down, close my eyes and relax, being sure that I wouldn’t be disturbed for 20 - 30 minutes. She mentioned that I might fall asleep but I was doubtful. I had too much to do! I told Judy I would call her in about a half hour to let her know how I felt.

When I next looked at the clock it was two hours later! I couldn’t believe so much time had passed and it only felt like minutes. But the most amazing part was that I felt like I’d had a full night’s sleep! My energy was back and I felt refreshed and energized! Wow! What a difference the Reiki made. It has been awhile since I felt this good!! Thank you Judy!!”

- Charlene K.

“I knew Judy’s Reiki could help people with health problems but I wasn’t so sure she could help my cat. Dusty is a big cat, very shy and not friendly with people she doesn’t know. When I was lifting her off my bed, the back nails of her right leg caught in the blanket and she started to howl. I could tell she was in pain because she couldn’t put that leg down to walk. She couldn’t even get herself in and out of her litter box.

By the next day she wasn’t any better and it looked like I was going to have to take her to the Vet. I called Judy to let her know how worried I was and to see what she thought I should do. She came over to the house, but both my Dad and I were sure that Dusty wouldn’t let her near, especially now that she was in pain.

Dusty must have sensed that she was there to help her because she let Judy put both hands on her and stay that way! Judy said that Dusty would know when she’d had enough and after about 5 minutes Dusty gave her a strong meow. The most amazing part was after awhile when she got up and actually walked over to her litter box on her own! She was limping a bit but by the next day she was walking fine and in and out of her litter box with no problem. Very cool and no Vet fees!!”

- Brad T.