Judy's Reiki & EFT


About Me

Judy Howsam is a Usui Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, Certified Emotional Success Coach and Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner living and practicing in Port Perry, Ontario.

For years, I rushed through my day-to-day responsibilities and obligations without much thought to my own well-being. Like many women, I put everything and everyone else first with no time or energy for myself. It felt like I was constantly treading water and unable to do more than barely keep my head above the surface many days. I had become emotionally and physically drained, and had no idea what could be done to change that. I was recently separated, leaving an abusive marriage and at a very low time in my life. The chronic stress led to serious health issues and a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis (an auto-immune disease).

And then in October of 2009, I was invited to participate in a Reiki exchange, by a friend who knew I was struggling with a great deal of physical and emotional pain. That evening changed my life. Experiencing the transfer and flow of energy was truly amazing, and upon meeting the Reiki Master, I knew I had to learn more about how this incredible energy could help me. My Reiki Journey began!

Throughout my Reiki 1 training, I worked intensively on self-healing and self-discovery. I was able to see significant improvement in my health and was able to reduce the flare ups and subsequent pain from my psoriatic arthritis. I felt myself becoming emotionally stronger. In May of 2011 I went on to take my Reiki Level 2 training, which immediately strengthened my treatments. I also had amazing results with distant sendings, a completely new concept to me. Reiki had become a part of my daily routine and was having a significant impact on my life. I had a newfound sense of confidence, well-being and love of life. I was better able to deal with stress and was becoming a much happier, healthier and balanced person.

On June 30, 2011 I retired from a very fulfilling thirty-two year career in teaching. Retirement could have been a tough transition were it not for having Reiki in my life. It was now time to explore a more spiritual path and begin sharing my newfound passion and skills with others.

Being eager to expand my knowledge of Reiki and to continue along my path of self-development I went on to successfully complete both my Reiki Level 3 and Master Teacher levels. I have had some interesting challenges develop since then, but also many blessings - and I have learned to be grateful for both. It is through our challenges that we become stronger and ultimately wiser.

Another incredible blessing in my life was being introduced to the healing tool known as E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Techniques. This training process provided me with the skills to achieve deep personal transformation allowing me to move forward into a more confident, happy and fulfilling life.

I am internationally accredited and certified by Canada's premier school for Emotional Freedom Techniques, the National EFT Training Institute, who work in conjunction with AAMET, world leaders in the professional development of meridian energy techniques.

Now as a Reiki Master, Certified Emotional Success Coach and Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner I am able to fully support my clients in overcoming their physical, mental and emotional pain so that they are able to release the limitations that are holding them back, and confidently and successfully move into living the life they desire!